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Why is National Bank asking me if I want to accept or refuse the use of cookies and technologies that collect some of my personal information?

In order to be transparent with you, we want to give you an overview of your rights and our privacy practices. 

With your consent, we and our partners may use cookies and other similar technologies on our websites and our mobile app. 

Some of these technologies that collect data are essential for the operation and security of our online services.   

Other types of cookies and technologies contribute to the: 

  • continuous improvement of your browsing experience 
  • continuous improvement of the offers and services you receive 

You have the choice to accept, refuse or customize the use of these cookies and technologies when you visit our websites and the National Bank app. 

For more details, please consult our Digital data policy for our website and our Privacy policy. 

To view the Digital data policy for the mobile app: 

  • Sign in to the National Bank app. 
  • From the main menu, click My preferences. 
  • Then click Manage the collection of my digital data.

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