Specialized Financing


TV and Motion Picture Group

The mission of National Bank's TV and Motion Picture Group is to offer a wide range of made-to-measure banking products and services to the Canadian film, TV, multimedia, video game, and entertainment production and distribution industries. The team specializes in financing large-scale projects in the entertainment industry, and has a clientele ranging from producers, distributors and film studios to post-production, special effects and equipment leasing companies.

We offer financial services adapted to your business reality. Contact one of our specialists to learn more about our comprehensive line of innovative solutions designed to address your specific needs. You can count on our experts to guide you every step of the way, and turn your projects into reality.

  • Montreal 1-866-827-3456
  • Toronto 1-866-532-3456
  • Vancouver 1-866-786-6843


Structured Financing

National Bank's Structured Financing Group has a team of experienced professionals specialized in project financing, business acquisitions, stock redemptions and other complex projects for growing companies with financing needs in excess of $2 million.

Through this group, you get access to a large network of contacts both at the Bank and on financial markets (venture capital, subordinated debt, specialized consultants, government organizations, lawyers, tax specialists, etc.).

Medium-sized SMEs can, among other things, benefit from alternate financing tools, such as subordinated debt. This makes it possible, in some cases, to maximize borrowing capacity in order to minimize or avoid dilution of shares.

The specialists in the Structured Financing Group can suggest flexible, personalized and unique solutions to help you realize your expansion projects, and facilitate your development.

For more information, call 514 394-5000, ext. 6308.


Franchises and Partnerships

Looking for business opportunities? If you're starting up or expanding your company, a franchise is a structured solution that has its advantages.

Our Franchise and Partnerships service can help you break into this special field. In fact, we're the only bank to have franchise and partnership specialists on staff. Supporting franchisors and franchisees alike, these specialists offer a range of standardized services.

Our long involvement in franchising and partnerships has helped us develop a good knowledge of the concepts, backgrounds and profiles of banner companies. In this fast-growing market, you can count on our expertise and reputation to help you grow.

Get more information from one of our account managers, or contact a Franchise and Partnerships advisor at franchises@nbc.ca.


Energy Services Group

Energy Service Companies require a bank that responds to their needs, understands market conditions, sector cycles and seasonality. With over 25 years of expertise and strong industry knowledge, the Energy Services Group has tailored our products to meet the needs of this unique industry.

Our Group operates from centres in Calgary and Edmonton, giving National Bank a regional focus. We have developed strong relationships with numerous clients over the past 15 years.

Committed to ensuring the success of your financing, and effectively managing your diverse needs, our team is here to work with you. To discuss your needs with us or for more information please contact:

  • Calgary: 403 770-1095
  • Edmonton: 780 409-3563
  • Toll Free: 1-877-BANKNAT (1-877-226-5628)
  • Email: energyservices@nbc.ca


Public Sector

By bringing together a team of public sector specialists, National Bank has clearly demonstrated its commitment to providing you with outstanding service. On an ongoing basis, our professionals apply an open, original approach as they seek out solutions that are well suited to your reality. We have what it takes to be your partner of choice.

Whether you're in health and social services, education or the municipal sector, you can count on customized advice from our experts. To ensure that all your banking operations are handled efficiently, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist who will give your organization the support it needs through every stage of its development.

Get quick access to a range of other solutions:

For more information call 1-800-361-8688 ext. 8962 (toll free)