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Looking after your family's financial health means sticking to a budget and saving for special occasions—but also planning for emergencies and thinking about the future.

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Learning to save

Raising kids isn't cheap! Set yourself up to succeed: contribute to an RRSP (and your spouse's!) to reduce your income tax, or save for your kids' education with an RESP to grow your savings by 20% to 40% thanks to government subsidies. For your short-term plans, contribute to a TFSA and earn tax-free interest.

Managing your finances


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Investing your money

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Set up a systematic savings plan—it's the easiest way to save.

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Pool your finances

Join forces! Open a joint account so you can manage your household expenses more easily and save for a common goal. Add a second credit card for your spouse and earn cashbacks and rewards more quickly.

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The Benefits of Love on Your Budget

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Protect your family

Protect against the unexpected with our insurance coverage. You can also fill out a power of attorney form or incapacity mandate so that your spouse or another trusted individual can manage your assets if you're unable to. Even if you're still young, you should draw up a will to ensure your children will be looked after if something happens to you.

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The benefits of comprehensive financial planning

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Invest in a home

Planning is essential. Whether you're buying your first home or looking for a bigger one, take the time to consider various purchasing scenarios and mortgage payment options. Exploring all your options could save you money!

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Teaching good habits

If you want your children to learn good financial habits, you need to teach them the value of money while they're young. Give them an allowance so they can manage their money and open a bank account so they can learn how to save.

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