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Women's finances  

Invest in you  

Three out of four women would have liked to be more involved in managing their finances sooner.

Discover our articles and Invest in you conferences to get women started on managing their finances at every stage of their life.

By encouraging women to be financially independent now, we can help build a more equal future.


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Learn how to manage your personal finances and get access to expert advice about investments. 


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Protect your wealth

Only 23% of women invest their money and manage their finances. Invest in you.


Prepare for retirement

75% of women regret not getting involved earlier. Invest in you.  

Improve your financial knowledge 

Discover our advice, interviews and video advice to take control of your personal finances.  


Professional woman reading from her tablet, coffee in hand

Why should women be more involved in their personal finances?  

Three very compelling reasons why women should find their financial voices and take action to secure their future.

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Femmes assise dans l'avion

Retirement planning for women: what's different?  

A higher life expectancy, longer spells without pay due to motherhood and different concerns and priorities. What can you do to fully live your retirement?   


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Retired couple, similing and taking a mountain walk
Retired couple, similing and taking a mountain walk
Retired couple, similing and taking a mountain walk
Woman and children doing homework

8 tips for managing and maximizing your wealth

Wealth management may seem complex. But whether it’s your personal or family finances, investments, preparing your estate or taxation, women who take control of their finances have everything to gain. Here are some tips from our experts.

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Advice for women in entrepreneurship

Women and leadership: Daring to start business

Our expert shares some tools and advice to help women confront the challenges of starting a business.

Advice for women in entrepreneurship
Advice for women in entrepreneurship
Advice for women in entrepreneurship

Your cause, your card 

Your purchases change the lives of thousands of women and their families. 

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Maintain your financial health while overcoming illness 

When an unexpected event occurs, such as a critical illness, we don't always realize the impact it may have on our personal finances. Together, let's break the taboos and encourage more women to manage their finances in the event of illness. 

When diagnosed: How to manage your finances following a diagnosis?

Through hardship: The different support measures offered

In remission: How do you turn new projects that are important to you into reality?

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