Service charges

Services that will be charged to your account

Additional copy of sales slip1


Additional copy of account statement1


Cheque issued for a credit balance


NSF cheque


Conversion fee for transactions in a foreign currency


Fees for cash advances (per transaction) MasterCard2 credit card

National Bank ATMs and tellers


Other financial institutions in Canada*


Other financial institutions outside Canada*** 



* Part of the MasterCard Network or Interac Network** or THE EXCHANGE** Network.

** Trademarks of Interac Inc., MasterCard International Inc., Cirrus System Inc. and Fiserv EFT.  Authorized User: National Bank of Canada.

*** Part of the MasterCard Network or Cirrus Network**.

1 No fee will be charged if the request is made within 30 days following statement issue date.

2 Including: Edition, Syncro, MC1, Utramar, Allure, Escapade, OVATION Gold and Platinum.