Smart Card


Benefit from increased security thanks to the addition of a PIN on your credit card:

  • Enjoy even more secure transactions, since information contained in MasterCard credit cards embedded with a microchip is virtually impossible to duplicate.
  • Prevent fraudulent use by using a PIN instead of your signature, where technology allows.
  • Decrease transaction time by using a PIN instead of your signature.
  • Use your MasterCard around the world since the new technology is compatible with foreign payment systems.

Use it at ABMs

To make an ABM transaction with the chip-embedded MasterCard credit card, you must insert your card and enter your PIN, as you do it now.
You can change the chip-embedded MasterCard credit card's PIN at any time at a National Bank ABM.

Use it at merchants

Follow these steps for transactions at a smart-card terminal:

1. Insert the smart card into the terminal rather than swiping it.


2. Follow the instructions on screen and enter your PIN. The card remains in the terminal until transaction is completed.


3. Once the transaction is approved, remove your card.


At merchants not yet equipped with smart-card technology, swipe the magnetic stripe as usual. By 2015, smart cards will be accepted everywhere and all equipment across Canada will be modified.

Important note:

Since spring 2009, the majority of the National Bank MasterCard credit cards issued to our new customers are smart cards. As for our actual credit card owners, they will receive a smart credit card when their current card will expire.

Client-Card (debit) ?

For more information concerning the increased security of your Client-Card, consult Client-Card (debit).