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You may not be aware of all the available options for managing your day-to-day finances. Here are some simple tips to help you save big.

5 ways to reduce your banking fees

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Check if you're eligible for an offer

Want to save on banking fees? Of course you do! Check if you're eligible for one of our special offers for Healthcare professionals, engineering professionals, legal and business management professionals and students in certain fields.

Are you a newcomer to Canada? You could pay nothing for your banking package for up to three years. Meet with an advisor today!

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Choose the package that's right for you

Your savings account is a great way to save money. Don't use it to for everyday transactions, as fees are likely to apply. Use your chequing account instead.

Do you carry out a lot of transactions online, via the mobile app, in stores and at the ABM? The ConnectedTM package may be right for you. Unlimited electronic transactions are included in your monthly fee. If you are a student, under 17 years of age, or over 60 years of age, you may be entitled to a discount on certain packages.

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Young woman sitting in an armchair holds a pad in one hand and a bank card in the other
Young woman sitting in an armchair holds a pad in one hand and a bank card in the other
Young woman sitting in an armchair holds a pad in one hand and a bank card in the other
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Looking to earn cashback? The ECHO® Cashback Mastercard credit card can help you make the most of your budget.

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Avoid overdrafts

Overdrawing your account can be expensive. If a cheque is returned or refused, you'll be charged an NSF fee of $45. Try to maintain a balance in your personal chequing account and in your joint account to avoid unexpected fees.

You should also consider taking out overdraft protection, which allows funds to be transferred from another transaction account, your integrated line of credit or your Mastercard® account. A $5 fee applies to each transfer (maximum of $5 per day). Speak with your advisor for more information.

Go digital

Fees may be charged for teller-assisted transactions in branches. You can use our all-new online banking platform and the mobile app to carry out most transactions, from mobile cheque deposits to bill payments. 

Start sending Interac® e-TransfersMD. They're more convenient than cheques, and you won't have to pay for a chequebook. What's more, you can save $2.50 a month and help the environment by switching to eStatements.

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Young woman takes a photo of a cheque with her phone
Young woman takes a photo of a cheque with her phone
Young woman takes a photo of a cheque with her phone
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Avoid other banks' ABMs

If you withdraw money at another bank's ABM or a white-label ABM, in a bar for example, it can cost you a small fortune. Go to one of National Bank's 3,300 ABMs across Canada, or use an ABM in THE EXCHANGE® network.

Going away? Order currency online before you leave. When abroad, it's better to withdraw large amounts less often, as the withdrawal fees can be quite high.

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