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Here's what you need to know about current market trends

Help to stay on track with your finances

Get informed about the higher cost of living and learn how to optimize your budget and investments.

Market volatility and fluctuation 

Don't be caught off guard. Stay up to date about how these changes can affect your investments, retirement and financial plans.

Interest rate increase

Understand how this can affect your loans and borrowing capacity

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What’s the FHSA? And is it the right account for me?

The FHSA is a new savings account that allows you to save up tax-free for your first property. Find out if this account is suitable for your needs.

Help to stay on track with your finances

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How can I shield my retirement savings from inflation?

Are you worried about current market trends? Here’s what you can do to protect your investments.

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Optimize your financial planning

Our tips to help you understand your financial needs and set attainable goals.

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How to adapt your budget to COVID-19?

Will the higher cost of living impact your budget?

The solution? Adapt your budget. Here’s how to properly review and change your budget.

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trucs pour économiser de l’argent

Why are rising prices affecting my expenses?

Life is getting more expensive. Here are our 35 tips to help lower your expenses.

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Drawing up a food budget

Here are some tips to help you draw up a budget and save on food.

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What is a credit score and how do you manage it?

Your credit score is a key consideration for your future financial plans.

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Market volatility and fluctuation 

Your guide to investments: Read before investing

Where do you start investing? Here’s a short lexicon of types of investments to guide you.

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What questions should I be asking myself to improve my investment strategies?

Adapt your investment strategy by reviewing your financial goals

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Market Volatility and retirement: the impacts

With the markets being volatile, are you concerned about your retirement? Here’s some advice to get through these turbulent times.

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Market volatility: What should you do?

Are you worried about the current stock market volatility? Here’s what you need to know in order to navigate today’s investment climate.

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2022 Investing guide

Investing Guide

Learn some investing basics, how to set savings goals and more.

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How does the stock market work?

Here’s a quick guide on how to invest in the stock market.

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Our reports: Economic Impact

The latest financial news made simple. Here’s everything you need to know, thanks to our experts Stéfane Marion and Martin Gagnon.

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Interest rate increase  

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Policy interest rate increases: how will they impact my finances?

Learn more about how a policy rate increase can affect your finances

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Is it a good idea to renew your mortgage early?

Find out how an early renewal can be an opportunity to secure a better rate.

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Fixed or variable rate

What rate should I choose for my mortgage?

We’re here to help you figure out if a variable-rate or fixed-rate mortgage is right for you.

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Will my borrowing capacity change?

Looking to buy a property soon? Make sure to know your borrowing capacity.

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Is paying down my mortgage faster a good idea?

Your mortgage payments can be spread out over 25 years or more. Here’s our advice.

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Auto financing: How to finance your purchase

Do you need a vehicle financing? There are several financial solutions to help you purchase your car on credit.

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