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During this exceptional situation, National Bank is here to answer your questions.

We’re here to answer your questions

trucs pour économiser de l’argent

How do I make a budget that goes the distance?

Creating a budget is already a step in the right direction, but if your budget doesn’t make sense for your needs, you could get discouraged quickly. Here’s how you make a realistic budget.

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Perspectives de marché T2

Is it time to buy or to sell?

In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has reshaped the country’s economy. The current circumstances also provide opportunities that can be seized, depending on your personal and financial situation.

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Covid-19 quel impact sur la retraite ?

How do I know if I’m on the right road toward retirement?

Whether you’re preparing for your retirement, or establishing more of a long-term plan, here’s some sound advice to help you get through these unprecedented times.

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trucs pour économiser de l’argent

How do I take an axe to my expenses?

Has your financial situation changed? Want to save for a project that’s dear to your heart? It may be the perfect time to review your budget and adopt new habits to save money.

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Perspectives de marché T2

How can I prepare for the unexpected?

Managing your personal finances during a crisis can be challenging. Even if self-isolation allows you to limit your daily expenses, you still have fixed expenses to pay off.

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Consult our support measures and most recent updates on the situation.

Security and online transactions: everything you need to know

Answer Bank: Your transactions in complete security

How can I carry out my everyday transactions without visiting the branch? Will my transactions take longer to process, given the current situation? How can I protect myself against phishing? Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Lyne D’Amico, Vice-President Information Security and Technology Risk Management at National Bank and Caroline Roy, Vice-President Digital at National Bank.

Economic trends: everything you need to know

Full video: Your questions about economic trends

How is the economy doing, and what can we anticipate in the months ahead? What is the outlook for jobs at the moment? And how will the crisis affect the price of consumer goods? Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Matthieu Arseneau, Deputy Chief Economist at National Bank and Angela Dangelo, VP Training & Client Experience at National Bank Financial.

Budgeting: everything you need to know

Full video: Managing your budget

How to create a personal, family or student budget during the crisis? What does it mean to have good financial habits?  Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Tony Scalia, Vice-President Investment at National Bank, and Nathalie Rathle, Manager Financial Planner at National Bank.

Investments and retirement: everything you need to know

Full video : Your investments and retirement

What to do about fluctuating markets? What will be the impact on investments and retirement? Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Denis Gauthier, Senior Vice-President, National Manager at National Bank Financial - Wealth Management, and Annamaria Testani, Vice-President, National Sales at National Bank Investments

Buying a home: everything you need to know

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Full video: Your questions about mortgages

How are mortgage rates evolving in the current situation? Should I choose a fixed or variable rate? Is it better to buy a new home? When should I renew my mortgage?

Listen to our experts discuss the issue: Vincent Filion, Senior Director, User Experience Strategy, Product Ownership & End to End Process, and Myriam Fréchette, Mortgage Development Manager, at National Bank.

Learn to manage your debt 

baisse budget revenus

10 Tips for Resolving your Financial Problems

No one is free from financial problems. Poor planning, a divorce, illness or unemployment, can really tip the scales. Need help? Here’s some advice.

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avant d'acheter un condo

How to pay off debt

Credit card, line of credit, car loan, student loan: all debts must be repaid, some quicker than others.

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avant d'acheter un condo

Tips for reducing debt

People often go into debt because of a lack of knowledge in how to balance their budget. To better equip yourself, here are eight tips to help you reduce your debt.

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