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Discover tools to help you finance your education, whether you’re looking to change career paths, continue your professional development, or pursue a new passion

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Using your RRSP to go back to school

Withdrawing funds from your RRSP under the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) is one way you can finance your education.

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Your personalized budget

Going back to school can affect your financial situation. To avoid unpleasant surprises, review your income and expenses using our online budget calculator.

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Tuition tax credits

If you’re working while pursuing your education, you could reduce your tax bill by taking advantage of federal and provincial tax credits.

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How to finance your education


Here are our quick answers to understand how student loans and student lines of credit work in Canada. You’ll see how easy it is to finance your education.

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Little details that matter

- You asked: “How do I save for my studies?”




I’ll explain faster than I can make a 3-cheese pizza.


- Oh... we only have one.


- Fine, a 1-cheese pizza.


Getting a good education is a big deal, but it also comes with big expenses.


Tuition fees




Cellphone and laptop




Are you going to live at home or on campus?


And what are you going to eat? 


Because I don’t suggest an all-ramen diet.


- Hey! I’m making a pizza over here.


- Right. 


A lot of people ask themselves how they’re going to pay for all that.


Ask your parents if they’ve put any money aside in a college fund.


If not, they might lend you a hand anyway.


Cause you’re a good kid! 


Another option:


The government offers financial aid to students.


Also known as loans and bursaries. 


The loans come at a very low-interest rate, that you repay after your studies.


Bursaries don’t need to be repaid at all.


A student line of credit can be flexible.


- Like mozzarella!


- Right. You start with a pre-determined line of credit, at a rate substantially lower than a credit card, that’s recalculated every year.


You determine how much 

you borrow and the rate at which

you’ll pay it back.


But remember, you’re responsible for your monthly interest payments and you’ll have to start repaying the credit line 12 months after you graduate. 




Finally, my 3-cheese pizza.


- You got delivery?


- You don’t have an oven.


- Oh, yeah.

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